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The Nclose portfolio of services has been carefully designed to offer you the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your current and future security requirements.

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Extensive knowledge and experience in the IT security field allows Nclose to objectively assess your business requirements and risks, and advise on a solution that meets your unique needs.

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Based on successes experienced with our clients, Nclose has established strategic alliances with partners who add value and security to your network.

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Latest security articles, news and announcements.
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Thought Leadership

Monitoring & providing insightful commentary on security trends.
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Services designed with your future in mind.

The Nclose portfolio of services has been carefully designed to offer you the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your current and future security requirements.

> Security Consulting Services
Whether you are in need of an informed opinion of your network’s security status, or consultation on a specific project being planned, our consultants look forward to assisting you with the advice and guidance that you need to make the correct decisions. Nclose offer a range of Consulting services to meet the ever-changing climate organisations find themselves in. Nclose prides itself in offering expertise based on years of experience garnered within a multitude of differing environments, each with their own unique set of challenges. We believe that combined with the solid skills available at Nclose, Culture plays a significant part in differentiating us from our competitors. We believe in building a relationship with our clients, which allows for a more intimate understanding of the challenges and provides us with the insight to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose. Where your needs extend to specialised services or knowledge, Nclose keeps close relationships with a broad network of vendors and security experts that are able to offer sound advice. In the event that information is sourced from external vendors, Nclose will consolidate their advice and opinions into easily manageable documents and reports for your consideration.   Information Security The purpose of Information Security is to protect and preserve the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information. We assist organisations in the alignment of these principles into the DNA of an organisation, this is achieved through various engagement types. We utilize a number of different frameworks such as ISO27001/2, COBIT5 and NIST to provide solutions that are both pragmatic and holistic.   Information Privacy We provide clarity on the minefield that is Information privacy, we can assist with understanding the many requirements associated with the South African Privacy legislation (POPI) and deciphering them into something meaningful. Providing then a roadmap to compliance.   Information Risk Management Information Risk Management is the foundation upon which Information Security is based. Risk management is the mechanism by which decisions are made regarding security, decisions that are based on understanding the unique risk exposure of each organization. We at Nclose are able to articulate Risk in a language that is meaningful to both Business and IT, thereby navigating the complexities associated with this complex discipline.   Business Continuity Management Our approach to Business Continuity is aligned with global best practice and allows Nclose to deliver pragmatic solutions addressing even the most complex of environments.   IT Governance  Nclose can assist organisations with aligning IT and decisions that are made within IT, with Business Objectives/strategy, ensuring that these decisions are made in line with the Business Goals.   IT Service Management  Nclose are able to provide the full spectrum of ITSM services, ranging from Change, Incident and Problem all the way to Portfolio and Project management.  
> Security Analysis and Testing
Security Assessment By combining our innovative range of service, Nclose offers complete security audit facilities designed to suit your needs. Stock rooms, accounting ledgers and other business disciplines are regularly scrutinised; why not audit your information technology security too? While we specialise in tailored audit solutions, we are also able to apply a high-level security assessment that quickly points out areas of concern that may need additional assessment. High-level security assessments also point to the areas where your budget is best spent – guaranteeing maximum return on your IT security investment. For more on our High-Level IT Security Assessment, contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. Vulnerability Assessments Vulnerability assessments assist in ensuring that all software applications on your network are patched, up to date and securely configured. Nclose performs vulnerability assessments on a regular basis, as and when required by your organisation. Our line-up of test tools and applications includes open source as well as commercial solutions – ensuring that as many possible forms of attack and deviance are checked for during each assessment. Penetration Testing Penetration testing takes vulnerability assessments to the next level by attempting to breach your network’s boundaries. This may sound counter-productive, but penetration testing stresses your network security in a realistic manner, while simultaneously giving you insight into your immediate risks. Nclose’s customised approach extends well beyond conventional attack methodology, delving deep into the fast developing threat that social engineering poses to your network resources. Ensuring that your test is the real deal Penetration testing is easily confused with vulnerability testing, and unscrupulous security firms often sell inadequate solutions that leave their clients open to network attacks from in- and outside their organisations. In penetration testing there is no grey area. It’s all black and white. Nclose offers unique black- and white-box testing that approaches your network from commonly used avenues. Black-box testing simulates attacks that are based on a complete lack of information on your network. These attacks are typically mounted by hackers that know what they want, but know nothing about the environment in which it is hosted. White-box testing simulates attacks that people inside your organisation may plan, or assist with. Disgruntled employees, or spies, may pass essential network information to hackers, or use it themselves to penetrate your network for various reasons. A combination of these testing protocols easily identifies areas of your network that require additional protection and strengthening, as well as existing areas of strength that can be used as building blocks for complete protection. Network size is no longer a determining factor Penetration testing is not simply for large networks belonging to large organisations. Small organisation are equally vulnerable and often used as pathways into larger networks, making protection against attacks essential. Nclose understands this priority and offers a variety of innovative and competitively priced solutions that allow affordable testing of any network – regardless of size or budget. Contact our team of consultants to discuss your requirements, or for more on a solution that fits your budget.
> Security Solution Management
Service level and maintenance agreements No matter the size or scope of your network, Nclose is ready to help you extract real value from it. A professional evaluation conducted by our security consultants will help you understand how Nclose can help raise your IT security parameters to the level they should be operating at – with constant respect for your budget. Once an understanding of your requirements and budget has been reached, several pre-defined packages are available to you; featuring dedicated amounts of on-site, remote and emergency visits, and reporting. All our reports are individually customised to your needs and are essential tools for auditors and decision makers alike. And if one of our defined packages doesn’t fit your needs, we’ll work together with you until you are happy that you are achieving maximum benefit and cost-effectiveness. Solution Management Many organisations are not able to justify the expense of a dedicated IT security engineer, often resulting in unnecessary IT burdens being placed on unqualified staff members. Ultimately this approach exposes your company to vulnerabilities at several levels – including IT security. Nclose provides professional advice and management of network firewalls, content filters, and other security solutions. Whether your organisation simply requires a once-off advisory consultation, the initial configuration of a new or existing security solution, or regular maintenance and reporting, Nclose ensures that your IT security environment is operating at maximum efficiency.
> Security Policy Consulting
Security policy consulting Security policies are the cornerstone of any organisation’s security strategy. Without policies in place, mechanisms that have been installed or agreed to lose their effect, laying your operations bare to accidental and intentional harm. Auditors will often be the first to point to the lack of policies as one of your organisation’s largest weaknesses. And the task of developing, agreeing to, and finally documenting and applying policies is a time consuming and arduous task. Many companies relent and resort to borrowing other organisations’ policies to use as their own. This practice is riddled with problems, the largest being the individual nature of your organisation. Furthermore, company changes and the introduction of new technologies often introduce new challenges that need to be addressed at policy level. Extensive experience with policy formulation and implementation means that Nclose will manage your policy process from start to end – and beyond; reviewing and updating policies on a regular basis to ensure that all avenues are covered. By applying industry best practices and calling upon the services of specialist IT legal representatives, Nclose is able to guarantee that your policies comply with all existing legal parameters, and will protect your IT environment from any and all applicable legal irregularities. Legal Disclaimers and Terms Nclose also consults on the creation and implementation of email disclaimers, website terms and conditions, privacy policies and issues relating to the RICA, ECT and other up and coming Bills and Acts.

20% product + 80% Nclose = 120% benefit

Product selection is simply the start of the Nclose journey. It’s our ability to push new and existing solutions past the point of value realisation that sets us apart. As with any tool, expert human intervention is often required to ensure proper implementation and the extraction of maximum value. The same applies to IT security solutions, turning your IT security investment from an expense into an active contributor to the bottom line.

Any colour. Any flavour

Solutions regularly requested by Nclose clients are listed on this page for your reference. We understand that your needs may dictate any combination of these, and in differing quantities. To discuss the details of your particular requirements please contact our specialised consulting team for assistance.

> Data Leakage Prevention
> Web Security Gateway
> Advance Threat Prevention
> Identity Management and Access Governance
> Firewall
> Web Application Firewall and Performance Management
> Security Information and Events Management
> Database Security
> Mobile Device Management
> End Point Protection
> Encryption

Partners that have earned Nclose’s respect.

Based on successes experienced with our clients, Nclose has handpicked the following product suites and services for you to purchase and install on your network.

Popcorn TrainingCheck Point
CA TechnologiesFire EyeTufin
VaronisKaspersky Lab

Nclose understands that employees are the essential building blocks of any organisation. Combine this understanding with our driven, free thinking approach and you have a recipe for providing consistent results that ensure customer satisfaction.

We emphasise the importance of professionalism, yet maintain a small company feel which we believe keeps our employees happy, and inevitably improves the smooth operation of Nclose and the services we provide.

> Economic Development

Nclose is dedicated to enterprise development and seeks to assist incubation phase businesses with the following:


  • Accelerate development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence
  • Improve cash flow
  • Assist with the transfer of skills and technology
  • Contribute towards the overall economic growth and transformation of South Africa.

Nclose’s economic development partner partner is TOMPSA [Pty] Ltd – an emerging micro-enterprise within the Health and ICT Sector. TOMPSA (PTY) Ltd is led, and wholly owned, by black doctors and other dedicated professionals who seek to make a difference in the provision of health care services and patient outcomes by capacitating healthcare workers using clinical mobile technology. TOMPSA (PTY) Ltd specialises in the development of mobile clinical decision support tools, the digitisation of clinical practice guidelines, as well as health management systems for healthcare workers and health facilities within the developing world and globally. TOMPSA (PTY) Ltd offer diversified custom services within a niche that spans ICT and the Health sector via clinical mobile solutions and support tools. They adopt a collaborative and agile approach to the conceptualisation of robust, high quality, effective, contextually relevant and customised products which will drive and enhance uptake, ease of usability and effective implementation within Health sectors across the world. TOMPSA (PTY) Ltd is committed to identifying deficits and areas of concern in settings where the growing burden and mismanagement of diseases contribute to declining economic performance and social wellbeing.

> Social Development
Nclose is dedicated to assisting the less fortunate in Southern Africa, and supports DreamWorker’s vision of getting as many people as possible into employment in the Cape Metropole. DreamWorker’s long term vision is to expand its model across South Africa. They rely entirely on grant funding and donations from satisfied employers and corporate donors. Most importantly, their employees take home every cent they earn – no commission and no charges! DreamWorker has continued to contribute to the economically disempowered in our land. As at the end of February 2015, after six years of operating, they have

  • Engaged and registered over 18500 unemployed people
  • Facilitated over 1,2 million days of work, which has put estimated wages back into the hands of the unemployed of over R150 million.
> Meet the Team
Stephen Olser
Business Development Director

Stephen started his professional career in London at eBookers.com where he assisted in the growth and development of an online booking product. This experience marked the beginning of his passion for IT, and his entry into a career in the field. Being proudly South African and optimistic about our country’s future, he returned in early 2004 where he joined the local IT security industry. His first post was at a large IT security solutions distributor where he spent four years. During this time his IT Infrastructure and security solutions knowledge grew substantially. As well as developing a sharp focus on product perfection and client satisfaction, he also grew his determination to fulfil the market ‘gap’, hence his current involvement with Nclose. His passion for customer service has led to strong relationships with customers from across the IT security industry, including many of the Fortune listed companies of Southern Africa.

Martin Potgieter
Technical Director

Martin has extensive experience in a wide range of network and system technologies, both open source and proprietary.
He has a passion for IT security which was sparked in 1999 when he installed Snort for the first time and noticed over 50 000 attacks after just one weekend of monitoring. Since then Martin has gradually become more involved in the information security industry.
Since helping establish Nclose in 2006, Martin has gained further experience and developed a keen interest in building and running a business from the ground up. Being able to bridge the gap - and identify the right balance - between business and risk has been a key factor in his success. Martin’s ability to communicate at all levels, and his hands on approach, are key ingredients in his recipe for success. A “techie” with good communication skills is a rare combination.

Paul Grapendaal
Head of Managed Services

Paul has worked in the South African IT industry since 1996. During his career he has gained significant experience in the areas of security engineering, architecture and consulting in general. His passion and experience in the security arena helps Nclose deliver excellent value to clients by constantly evolving our service offerings to cater for the ever changing security market. During his time as engineer and consultant, Paul spent significant time designing, deploying and managing technologies that include Check Point, Cisco, BlueCoat and RSA. His deep understanding of all network security technologies drives him to continually create and innovate within the managed security services arena.

> Work at Nclose

Account Manager (CPT)

We are looking for a passionate Account Manager who will partner with and ensure the long-term success of our customers.

You will be responsible for developing long-term relationships with your portfolio of assigned customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders.  You will liaise between customers and  internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our security solutions according to your customer needs. 3 – 5 Years of account management experience essential. If you are interested, please forward your CV or questions to the link below. Apply

Pre-Sales Engineer (JHB)

Do you enjoy being on the cutting edge of Information Security? We are currently looking for self-motivated individual that want to perform, grow, and move to the next level.

In this role, you will be the primary technical liaison with our customers pre-sales, for pilot and roll out of our security  solutions. You will work directly with the customer’s IT Security and Nclose sales staff to design, set up, configure, integrate and troubleshoot the our security solutions being positioned. You will be required to deliver online presentations, solution workshops, product demonstrations, technical education, and Proof of Concepts. You will support technical escalations, designing solutions, and answer technical questions throughout the sales process in order to progress sales. 3 – 5 Years of security engineering or presales experience essential. If you are interested, please forward your CV or questions to the link below. Apply


Nclose offers internships to interns that are interested in permanent positions in the company. Your interest in IT security is paramount, and the role will primarily focus on assisting our engineering department with reports and daily health checks. You will, however, have exposure to many of the other areas in the IT security business. If you are interested in an Nclose internship, please forward your CV or questions to the link below. Apply

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