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One of the cornerstones of our business is a core focus on our delivery capacity, which enables us to extract maximum value from every product and drive optimum use of each solution. We deliver industry-leading services by adding continued value to large corporates and SMEs.

Nclose has built a proven track record with clients, partners and vendors by combining our business experience, technical capabilities, a class-leading global product suite, and a holistic approach when developing solutions for new or existing security challenges.

We view the onboarding of a new client not as a single event, but as the start of a mutually beneficial partnership. These relationships are key to creating tailored solutions for each of our clients. We believe in partnership and joint-growth opportunities with the ultimate aim of delivering tangible value. 

Assessment & Testing

We ensure that all security controls are in place, while also facilitating regulatory compliance. Our services can be customised to suit specific scenarios, such as API and web applications, hosted infrastructure, internal LAN and environments where uptime is critical, or sensitive data is at risk.

Security Solutions

Our suite of cybersecurity services and products can be tailored to your unique business operations. Whether it be an assessment of your current security measures, the optimisation and management of existing security technology, or advanced threat detection and monitoring services, we’re always watching.

Managed Security Services

Advice and operational management of security solutions. This includes once-off advisory consultation, the initial configuration of a new or existing security solution, and regular maintenance and reporting, to ensure that your IT security environment is operating at maximum efficiency.

MDR service

Managed Detection and Response Service by Nview detects, targets and demobilises cybersecurity threats as they happen in real time, while identifying and mitigating proactively against future threats to your operation.

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Nclose is a cybersecurity technology and services provider that supports southern Africa’s leading organisations against modern cyberthreats.

We help organisations secure their most critical data and build resilience against emerging cyberthreats. Through a combination of a class-leading global product suite and business savvy solutions, we provide the management of cybersecurity products and Managed Detection and Response solutions.

Founded by a team of technology experts in 2006, Nclose is one of the country’s foremost information technology security partners. We provide Security Assessment & Testing, Security Solution Management, Operational Technology Cybersecurity and Managed Detection & Response services to a growing portfolio of blue-chip clients.

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Leading industry specialists

Stephen Osler

Business Development Director


Martin Potgieter



Paul Grapendaal

Head of Managed


Want to be a part of our team?

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Paloalto Networks
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Read more detailed cybersecurity insights from Nclose.

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Why engage with Nclose?

Nclose’s culture of collaboration and our entrepreneurial spirit and strong focus on creative problem-solving has made us a valued partner to our customers. Our extensive engineering capabilities and deep investment into our customer relationships show true symbiotic relationships.

What is the footprint of your customer base?

Our customers are situated throughout southern Africa, Mauritius, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Dubai.

Where are your offices situated?

Nclose’s physical office locations are in Johannesburg and Cape Town. However, we provide services and support to our customers in a number of major cities worldwide. Our relationship management and engineering teams travel extensively to safeguard our customer relationships and ensure all projects operate at the highest possible standards.

What type and size of business does Nclose engage with?

Our team engages with any size and type of business that actively seeks to mitigate risk and increase their cybersecurity maturity.

When was Nclose established?

Nclose was established in 2006.

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