Detect the hack before you know you’re under attack.

Nclose your business with best-in-the-business security skills and advanced solutions. Get 24/7 analysis, monitoring, threat detection and response.

Managed detection and response (MDR) assume that attacks are underway all the time. Reactive response and alerting on alerts don’t reduce the dwell time, but actively look for possible attacks, using the MDR platform, high fidelity detectors and skilled detection and response resources detect, investigate and respond in minutes.

Beyond the SOC

MDR is the next step in the evolution of the managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our team of responders uses a diverse set of data inputs and evolving high fidelity detectors to identify suspicious activity, and immediately determine whether it is an actionable alert or a false positive. We then detect, investigate and respond in a matter of minutes.

Blue Team

Blue Team on your side

Nview does more than investigate alerts. We fully integrate with your business’s security operations to give you a complete cyber defence capability.

Instant incident response

Instant incident response

Instantly add an incident response capability to your arsenal, without having to build it out over months or years.

Overcome alert fatigue

Overcome alert fatigue

Receive relevant actionable alerts instead of being fatigued by a SOC sending thousands of false positives.

How our MDR works


Nview MDR deploys highly-skilled investigators and next generation analytical tools for real time threat detection and response.


Logs are ingested from various systems in your environment. Nview monitors logs beyond the traditional security software sources, so you don’t have to decide which logs to ingest. DNS traffic, application processes and other sources containing crucial information are often overlooked by traditional cybersecurity providers.


Our detection methodology and system that gets applied to all ingested logs.

Realtime Reviewing

Ingested logs are reviewed in realtime for matches against our Threat Intelligence repository, which is composed of threat intelligence from our internal systems and various feeds.

Advanced Data Analytics

The Nview detection system then performs advanced data analytics against logs to identify any sign of malicious activity. Threat detectors, built in-house, are constantly developed and updated to find threats relevant in todays dynamic threat landscape. Instead of relying solely on your existing cyber security technologies, Nview supplements your cyber detection capabilities.

Scheduled Threat Hunting

Regular, scheduled threat hunting by experienced analysts to find anomalies missed by traditional security technologies. 

Advanced Alert Triggers

Nview uses honeypots or deceptive technologies to alert us of intruders or malware attempting to move laterally in your network. 



Nview Response Engineers review all detections and perform full investigations, markedly improving your response capability. We use high-fidelity detectors and only engage clients when actionable alerts are identified. Complete guidance on containment, eradication and recovery is provided.



We continuously look for ways to improve and adapt the Nview MDR service and cyber security measures, and tailor it to your organisation’s needs. Nview complements your security with our Defence Engineering capability, in which we routinely look for weaknesses in your cyber security defences and work with our clients to implement the necessary mitigation measures.


Proactive threat detection & mitigation

The general approach in the industry of thinking like a cybercriminal has proven to be ineffective in the active management of cyber security. We follow a proactive approach to detect all elements in the attack killchain.


Proactive threat detection

A comprehensive set of updated and refined detectors, built in house, identifies suspicious activities across your environment.

Swift investigation speed

We investigate triggered alerts using detailed logs from various sources. Investigation times that usually take days are reduced to minutes.

Response capability

Our experienced and professional response engineers provide detailed response actions when alerted to a possible threat.

Alert triage

While collecting thousands of alerts from your security technology inputs, MDR is able to distinguish alerts and false positives, ensuring that important alerts aren’t overlooked.

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