Managed security services – The Nclose difference

South African cybersecurity company Nclose prides itself on offering comprehensive managed security services that stand out from the rest of the market.

Paul Grapendaal, Head of Managed Security Services at Nclose, explained how the innovative company achieved this, below.

Taking ownership

The first way in which Nclose differentiates itself is by taking true ownership of your environment.

Many competitors don’t do this so that they can give themselves excuses down the line – while Nclose truly takes responsibility for your organisation’s cybersecurity.

“When we take over your environment, we focus on your business and integrate security with your processes to become an extension of your business,” said Grapendaal.

“Our teams deliver exceptional service and provide you with access to skills that are in short supply in the industry right now.”


Grapendaal highlighted that Nclose tackles compliance from a fresh perspective, compared to its competitors.

“We constantly improve our systems and collaborate with you to ensure that you are better secured and protected,” he said.

This spans all areas of its security services – including understanding endpoint protection, reimaging firewalls, or digging deep within the business’s defences to find the gaps.

“We don’t believe in complacency, because we know that even 90% compliance isn’t good enough,” said Grapendaal.

Continuous innovation

Grapendaal’s extensive experience in the security industry has taught him the importance of continuous innovation.

He said this is more than just using the latest technologies – it’s about listening to customers, recognising their unique challenges, and turning these lessons into an agile service.

It is important to ask questions, as doing things differently to the industry norms can often result in a better end product for the client.

“It’s a mindset – one that’s essential to ensuring that security and services evolve at speed so they can meet the constantly evolving threat landscape,” said Grapendaal.

The Nclose security journey

Finally, Grapendaal explains how security is a journey with no clear end-point in sight.

This means that Nclose must keep up with the newest trends and must evolve to deal with them effectively.

“We adapt and grow and improve our business at the same rate at which the threats evolve,” said Grapendaal.

“We look for new ways to mitigate the threats, and we invest into highly-skilled teams to ensure that you are always proactively protected.”

This is the Nclose difference.

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