Get the best security skills in the business on your team.

Cyber Security Solutions managed for you by us

Nclose takes a non-traditional approach to MSS: with a team of highly-skilled security engineers and security analysts focused on constantly improving your security posture, we don’t leave anything to chance. Our collective IP approach and strong, transparent and trusted relationships make our MSS the choice of highly regulated and risk averse organisations.

We assume operational control of your network, with 24/7 monitoring and management, emergency response, and up-to-date security reports.

IT & cybersecurity consultation & management

With over a decade in providing managed security services, Nclose delivers an operational security capability that’s embedded into your operations, culture and business.

Our MSS process

Client-centric and security-savvy, Nclose is the partner that compliments your business in achieving its security goals.

MSS Process

1. Integration / Onboarding

  • Project framework
  • Access to environment, technology, and people
  • Extension of Client Team 
  • Processes – change/approval
  • Technology integration (nview)

2. Operationalize

  • Initial assessment
  • Continual assessments
  • As-built documentation/Standard Operating Procedures
Compliance Management
  • Bulk compliance (immature organisations)
  • Exception management (mature organisations)
  • Reports,
  • Health-checks
  • Health Checks
  • Adhoc changes and requests
  • Review changes in the context of security
  • New configurations
  • Upgrades
  • Vendor escalations
  • Policy improvements aimed at gaining efficiencies and simplification
  • New Technology enhancements (leveraging the client investment)
  • Integrate with new technologies
  • Automation
  • Improve policies
  • Internal Nclose and Client Teams, third parties


Conversations with the full team.

Analysis of all current systems: what works, and identifying any gaps in the existing structure. Includes a once-off advisory consultation.



Based on our initial audit findings.

We complete the initial configuration of a new system or tweak the existing security system as needed.



Optimise and sustain.

Our team checks in on performance regularly post implementation to see where any tweaks are required and maintain optimum performance. 



Keeping you in the loop.

Regular feedback and reporting to give you the peace of mind to ensure that your IT security environment is operating at maximum efficiency. 

Specialised & Bespoke

When you consult with Nclose, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every company has different requirements and requires a unique approach.