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The next generation of security solutions and managed security services.

We partner with you to create managed security solutions that evolve with your business and become an extension of your operational delivery teams.

Our Approach

Nclose is defined by how differently we approach the market and customer service. These are just some of the stand-out services and solutions our managed security service offers your business:


We are proactive. Our integration with in-house developed Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service leverages the aggregation of multiple managed services into one, consolidated platform. This assures you of consolidated, proactive and relevant security views and alerts. We are always moving forward, always evolving our offering and always up-to-date with the latest technology and risks so you are too.


Our monthly management summary provides you with the information and insights you need to prioritise risks and plan for future improvements. Our managed security services ensure that your upgrades, deployments, trend identification and exception management are aligned with your business and environment.


We believe in partnerships, relationships and customer collaboration. We work with you to create enterprise-level security services that are continuously moving forward with your business. With us, you don’t get left behind. We give you what you need, ask our customers.

Our Vision

At our genesis, the South African market lacked cybersecurity resellers with substantial engineering capacity. The business was therefore built from day 1 with a strong focus on delivery capacity: it was essential that we had the capacity and capabilities to extract maximum value from each product, drive enhanced use of each solution, and continuously deliver value to our customers.

The company is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that places a premium on creative problem solving. By combining deep business experience, technical capabilities, a class-leading global product suite and a free-thinking approach to developing solutions for new or existing challenges, Nclose has built a track record of excellence among clients, partners and vendors.

The Nclose company culture is a key ingredient of our success. By placing integrity, professionalism, service and innovation at the core of how we work. Integrity is vital to us: our teams constantly check in with customers to ensure there is complete alignment between Nclose activities and customer expectations.


Working with Us

We view the onboarding of a new client not as a single event, but as the start of a mutually beneficial partnership. These relationships are key to creating tailored solutions for each of our clients. We believe in partnership and joint-growth opportunities with the ultimate aim of delivering tangible value.

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