What can Cybercriminals do with stolen information?

Should a cybercriminal compromise, breach or hack an individual’s or businesses systems and data, there is a variety of sinister things they can do – especially if they are not making their intentions known or are hiding themselves. This is where the importance of having a great cybersecurity partner comes into play in finding those cybercriminals who are playing hard to get. However, many businesses may not have this option and may not understand the consequences of just how catastrophic these incidents can be. So just what can a cybercriminal do with your information? 


The most common form of cyber-attack that has many subcategories to it but usually has a common goal in mind for some sort of monetary gain. The primary target for cybercriminals are usually businesses and not necessarily individuals, because businesses are more likely to pay the “ransom”. Typically, ransomware criminals will remove access or exfiltrate sensitive information away and demand compensation for that information back and actually engage in full on negotiations with their targets. The most popular form of compensation for them is usually some sort of crypto currency because it’s harder to track, rather than wire transfers or direct account deposits. It is a gamble because there is no guarantee that said sensitive information will be returned or after paying the ransom you won’t be attacked again. 

Identity Theft 

This refers to your Personal Identifiable Information (PII), any sort of information that can uniquely identify an individual. A cybercriminal will target either a singular individual or a group of individuals either specifically or at random depending on what their intentions are. They use this information – depending on what they get – to essentially use your personal information for their own gain, which can range from many things such as fake ID’s, false registrations using your home address, any sort of financial information or impersonate you. They could also use this information for reconnaissance purposes to use for potential ransomware or spear phishing attacks. 

The Dark Web 

Cybercriminals use the dark web essentially as their marketing front for what they do. This can range from selling hacking tools and software or even teaching people how to hack. However, this is also the place they may sell information they have stolen that may be of use to other people or entities. Cybercriminals also sell their services to people looking for specific information for purposes such as black mail and extortion – so they target specific businesses or individuals on behalf of other hackers. 

To conclude, innocent or deliberate mismanagement of information without protection can go a long way towards serious damage caused to businesses or individuals within these businesses. A cybercriminal could very well be in your system using your information for their own personal interests and without a cybersecurity partner – unless they make themselves known – you may never ever find that cybercriminal until it’s too late. 

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