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Cyber Security Assessments & Audits

Nclose provides you with reassurance and facilitates regulatory compliance by delivering a comprehensive list of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services.
Regular assessment of your system’s vulnerabilities and testing of its security controls will reveal how vulnerable your infrastructure is from an attacker’s perspective


Our suite of cybersecurity solutions and products are tailored to your unique business and risk requirements.


A best in class team of top cyber security specialists who audit, analyse and advise for maximum efficiency.


24/7 peace of mind from top products, but also a friendly, and knowledgeable team to speak to when you have any queries.


Risk-based controls to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of information and data within your organisation.

We ensure that all security controls are in place, while also facilitating regulatory compliance. Our services can be customised to suit specific scenarios, such as API and web applications, hosted infrastructure, internal LAN and environments where uptime is critical, or sensitive data is at risk.

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