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Nview, delivered by Nclose, combines managed detection and response to evolve and significantly uplift your detection, investigation and response capabilities. The specialist Nview Blue Team integrates with business security operations to deliver complete cyber defence capabilities, with real time detection, proactive mitigation and the best-in-class response capabilities.


A comprehensive set of updated and refined detectors, built in-house, identifies suspicious activities across your environment.


Our experienced and professional Response Engineers provide detailed response actions when alerted to a possible threat.


MDR is able to distinguish between actionable alerts and false positives, ensuring that important alerts aren’t overlooked.


We investigate triggered alerts using detailed logs from various sources. Investigation times that usually take days are reduced to minutes.

Managed Detection and Response Service by Nview detects, targets and demobilises cybersecurity threats as they happen in real time, while identifying and mitigating proactively against future threats to your operation.

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