Nclose: Why we “Make a Change”

Nclose had its second annual “Make a Change” event on the 1st of November. In this unique event, we thank our clients and partners and ensure they end the night having learnt something meaningful and solidifying long-lasting relationships and creating new ones. Our first event had guest speaker and author of “Rhino Wars”, Johan Jooste, a retired general fighting on the frontlines to protect one of Southern Africa’s treasures, the African Rhino. This year, we had a guest speaker and author of “From Para to Dakar”, Joey Evans, who fought against paralysis to pursue his dream of completing the most gruelling race in the world, the Dakar rally. Two South Africans who embody the determination, will, and spirit to never give up against overwhelming odds – learning and adapting from the circumstances they were in.

At Nclose, we are proud to be a South African cybersecurity partner that prides itself on a  homegrown niche service provided by over 130 talented South Africans that embody the same spirit and culture of the guest speakers at our “Make a Change” events. It’s easy to say we were born from humble beginnings, but Nclose was also considered modest. In the belief that cybersecurity CAN be done better by talented people with the right culture in an industry full of giants, we have turned into giant slayers – making a change for good. Our people are what makes us brilliant at what we do. We don’t advertise fancy new AI next-generation cybersecurity technology to secure your business, but rather, our team is what powers the AI. Nothing can replace human intelligence when it comes to solving complex problems, and we capitalise on that brain power that’s made Nclose successful today.

Our “Make a Change” event solidifies that human capabilities far outweigh the mechanical/technological. In a world where we constantly rely on technological advancements to make our lives easier, it’s easy to forget that the power of human minds created these things. There is a reason why the most dangerous element to cybersecurity is the human element because it is its greatest strength and weakness. However, making the human element stronger is where Nclose shines. So we reinforce and communicate that whenever the opportunity arises, strengthening the human element means strengthening cybersecurity – whether it’s our team protecting or educating our clients.

“Make a Change” is also about facing and overcoming adversity, whether it be threats coming from the inside or the outside. Nclose protects its clients from adversaries who focus significant efforts to compromise our clients in a country with a severe skills shortage while combating threats trying to harm the clients we protect. Like our guest speakers, we face threats and competition from others, but staying authentic to our culture and fostering fruitful partnerships with our clients leads to organic growth where our clients talk about how good we are. We trust in our abilities to set out to do what we say we do and not advertise beyond our means while also shouldering responsibility first and foremost. Even with all this adversity, the belief that cybersecurity can be done better is attributed to Nclose’s growth; that it can be done better, and is being done better, by talented South Africans who can compete with the best of the best in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity often involves technical talk, stress, and continuous learning to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. With “Make a Change”, we inspire and applaud how far we have come in such a short period, as well as what we can do presently and in the future; it’s not just about cybersecurity but an event where any can relate in some way to their present circumstances, making a change for the better.

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