Nclose bolsters a leading financial services organisation with MSS


“We are one of Nclose’s oldest clients. We’ve worked with them for nearly 12 years and because our relationship with them is exceptional, it made sense to grow our portfolio with them and to benefit from what they do really well – security.”

A leader in the South African financial services sector required a managed security services solution that would ensure the company remained rigorously compliant and secure while reducing the admin burden and the complexities of ongoing security management. The company opted to expand its existing portfolio of services with Nclose as the company not only had proven its value in terms of customer service and deliverables, but had a proven track record in providing robust security solutions.

The finance company needed to free up existing resources and time by reducing the Security Operations (SecOps) load and streamlining the management of specific security products and platforms. The security team didn’t have enough time or resources to manage everything within the security portfolio as it had grown in complexity and scale over the past two years. The team had a choice – either collaborate with a managed security services provider (MSSP), or employ additional resources. They opted for Nclose as they already had an established relationship with the MSSP and the solution provided by Nclose would allow the team to free up resources to focus on more important areas of the business.


The financial services company partnered with Nclose to implement a managed security services platform that embeds operational security capability throughout the business while ensuring that its security investments are running optimally and to expectations. Nclose provided the company with a full analysis of current systems to ensure that gaps are found and addressed, and slipped seamlessly into the overall security operation to provide ongoing expertise and expert support. The service also includes consistent system configuration and updates to ensure that it is optimised to deliver secure performance. The service is further enhanced by reporting and insights that provide the company with data and inputs that ensure transparent insight into every part of the security system which has greatly improved decision making.

The customised MSSP service from Nclose ensures that the IT security environment is operating at maximum efficiency and in line with its unique industry requirements and has comprehensively taken over the day-to-day management of a range of security products that run on the company’s network.


Seamless implementation   

The implementation of the managed security services by Nclose required no additional technology or changes to the system so there was no unexpected or extensive downtime. The move to the Nclose team was managed seamlessly which meant that the company had to do little more than just give them access.

A trusted service provider

For the financial services company, the decision to move to Nclose came down to three key factors – their responsiveness, their price point, and their expertise. For the team, Nclose was the best choice for the business because the company was responsive to requests and provided them with access to highly skilled people that could fix problems at speed. One of the biggest value-adds for the company is how Nclose has focused on building strong interpersonal relationships with the team and on ensuring that they deliver personalised engagements and support.

One stop shop

In addition to providing the company with an extensive pool of skilled resources that helped to save time and reduce the admin burden, Nclose gives the company access to a bouquet of services that can be customised to fit its unique requirements. Today, the company uses almost every service that Nclose has on offer and the MSSP has become a one stop shop because its services are so holistic and capable.

Rich reporting

One of the biggest advantages for the company is the reporting functionality provided by Nclose. The in-depth data and insights provide metrics and data that allow for the team to make more informed decisions and to manage systems more effectively

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