Nclose: How we can help you avoid security debt

Regardless of your size or whether you are an organisation with a cybersecurity partner or not, having a solution that protects your organisation’s virtual assets and/or critical information is critical in today’s age. With the world moving in such a digitalised direction, companies must evolve in order to remain competitive. Manual paperwork can be catergorised as a thing of the past, as we move business processes and applications into the digitised zone – both personal and business related – that can be accessed via just a click, hopefully with a second factor to secure your authentication. It’s during this period where we are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks and having some sort of cybersecure protection is essential. However, setting up a cybersecurity solution effectively is important, so you don’t fall into a security debt and end up de-prioritising cybersecurity because it’s not doing its job.

Developing a cybersecurity solution and avoiding de-prioritisation

Whether you are a client using our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) or Managed Security Services (MSS), we take the term “managed” for both as it should be, all the while trying to mitigate security debt. But before we can manage, it is essential we develop a solution that caters to your organisation such as:

  • The industry you are in,
  • The type of assets or information you are trying to protect,
  • Are there certain aspects of the organisation you want to focus on (Emails, Devices, Authentication etc.),
  • The size of your company,
  • The resources you would need and how we can make use of the resources you have.

Our class leading services are not designed in a generic manner, but rather developed meticulously in-house using our own tools, systems and processes to prevent and detect cyber-threats and potential attacks while evolving in real time. Having a cybersecurity solution that evolves, means that as cybercriminals advance, our services do as well to better protect and detect. This initial investment into cybersecurity would save your organisation a lot financially in the long-term, as any potential compromises and breaches to your system are not as detrimental, and the financial loss you would have without a proper cybersecurity solution/partner in place would be incomparable to the amount you save.

Supporting your solution

We have a team of dedicated and passionate experts across all spectrums of cybersecurity, from business and thought leaders to engineers and inventors. We focus on various aspects of supporting your organisation:

  • A solution tailored to your organisation,
  • A dedicated team or a team that partners with your existing cybersecurity team,
  • 24/7 support and a dedicated call centre should you need,
  • A system designed to evolve in its detection and prevention,
  • And develop your own personal assessment and report in line with the service we provide you.

A unique solution means we need to understand the industry you are in and what aspects of our service would most benefit you. We don’t simply sell a one size fits all service, but rather what are you trying to prioritise, what assets or information needs protecting, how much information leaves or enters your organisation, what kind of employees do you have in various departments and cater resources according to the service you need from us. We are not going to sell or include a service that isn’t beneficial to your organisation, we treat you as a partner and will therefore only provide recommendations of what you need so you derive full value from us.

Partnering and implementing your solution

As our services are class leading and unique, so is our company culture, values and people. We don’t simply treat you as just another client but rather a life-long partner. We seek to become an added extension or team within your organisation and champion educating you about every aspect of our industry and being transparent, so you understand the value we provide. In the same manner, we seek to understand the industry you are in, so we prepare a solution that suits your requirements without disrupting business productivity and processes. This allows us to create a streamlined service for you that’s created by us but through your vision.

Conclusion: A Cybersecurity solution that works for you

Our MDR and MSS services are designed to get the best out of what you need so It’s important to us that you get the best “bang for your buck”. The reason we perform cybersecurity assessments is so we can provide recommendations of what you need and develop/mature your security strategy that works for you now, which you can upgrade in the future. We don’t want you throwing resources away into security and simply having systems in place that you don’t derive value from, but rather having security systems in place that are designed for your business

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