Nclose: How our MDR can evolve your Security Operations

Whether you have your own in-house or outsourced Security Operations Centre (SOC), having an integrated SOC within your business is the most competent and comprehensive resource to protect your business against evolving cybersecurity threats. Now more than ever, business of all shapes and sizes are being attacked, and as technology evolves so does the attack footprint. A SOC provides 24/7 protection, but this is not something that is realistically possible for most businesses – especially those that are reliant on human capital. There are a multitude of concepts and services in cybersecurity which can be overwhelming to the inexperienced business, and this has led to more businesses outsourcing their cybersecurity. Now if you are looking for a 24/7 service of protection – you should look no further than MDR. 

What is MDR? Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is essentially a capability that uses the latest technologies to proactively protect and learn from cyberattacks using tools that are integrated and managed by cybersecurity professionals to identify the early stages of a cyber-attack. However, at Nclose our MDR takes that concept and elevates beyond just simply having a state-of-the-art SOC. Our technology is in-house built, giving us expert and unique insight into how we can derive value for your business as fast as possible, merging our technology into your environment as a single entity. Our expert Blue Team integrates into your business’s security operations giving you 24/7 detection and instant incident response capability while overcoming alert fatigue so that your business is not bombarded with false alerts and tackles the actual real threats when they present themselves. This sort of capability can take up to months and years to build, but our technology and resources can settle itself into your environment in a matter of weeks. 

With our MDR technology it’s not simply about improving your Security Operations but evolving it so that your environment is not stagnant to threats. How do we accomplish this process? Through 4 different processes, Real Time Viewing, Advanced Data Analytics, Scheduled Threat Hunting and Advanced Alert Triggers. All of this is not solely based on automation technology – after all you want a 24/7 SOC service – the technology is managed by our cybersecurity experts who have unique insight due to the technology being in-house built. Our team learns about your environment in real-time so we can provide feedback and/or better protect your business operations, allowing us to develop report and feedback built around achieving cybersecurity success for your business. This report and feedback are critical, as our clients can see the technology in action and working towards achieving their cybersecurity goals and needs – deriving value very quickly. This is a level of involvement which sets us apart from typical MDR service providers and truly allows you to evolve your security operations. 

So why chose us as your SOC or MDR provider? We care about your business as much as you do, so our team and technology become an extension of your environment. If you don’t have the resources to manage or provide a 24/7 detection and response capability, we provide the solutions to both in human capital and technology. We can integrate ourselves in a matter of weeks with dedicated experts providing feedback in no time for security operations that can take months or even years to achieve.  

For more information on our MDR have a look at our explainer 

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