Nclose Announces Achievement of Latest ISO 27001 Standard for Cybersecurity

[Cape Town, 2nd May 2024] – Nclose, a leading cybersecurity firm, proudly announces its successful certification against the latest ISO 27001 standard for information security management. Alfred Payne, Client Advisory Manager at Nclose, was part of the team at the forefront of the initiative to upgrade the company’s security practices aligning with the 2022 standard.

ISO 27001 is renowned as the gold standard for cybersecurity certification, representing a commitment to robust information security management practices. With the updated standard released in 2022, Nclose recognised the importance of staying at the pinnacle of cybersecurity excellence.

Alfred Payne commented, “Achieving re-certification against the ISO 27001 standard demonstrates Nclose’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest levels of security for our clients and ourselves.

For us, it’s not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring our information security management adheres to the latest industry standards. We are committed to practicing what we preach to our clients, taking our cybersecurity as seriously for ourselves as we do for them.”

Moreover, Nclose extends its expertise beyond its own certification, offering assistance to clients seeking to achieve ISO 27001 compliance. As Alfred explains, “We understand that navigating the certification process can be daunting. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to help clients prepare for ISO 27001 audits, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of the standard.”

Alfred continued, “Our goal is not only to achieve certification but also to empower organisations to proactively manage their cybersecurity risks. By guiding our clients through the certification journey, we enable them to instil confidence in their stakeholders and demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive information.”

Nclose’s commitment to cybersecurity excellence doesn’t stop at certification, it extends to empowering clients to enhance their security posture and build trust with their stakeholders.

For organisations looking to bolster their cybersecurity defences and demonstrate their commitment to information security against the latest industry standards, Nclose stands ready to provide expert guidance and support.

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