Nclose announced their Partnership with Silverfort, deploying agentless Multi-Factor Authentication to any sensitive resource in an organisation

This Partnership will give South African businesses the necessary capabilities to deploy MFA and authorisation capabilities where they see fit.

Johannesburg, 27th September 2023, Nclose, one of South Africa’s leading cybersecurity service providers, has partnered with leading experts in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Silverfort. Nclose looked at rapidly addressing a problem that many of their clients were suffering from, which was implementing agentless MFA in places not thought possible. This led to the partnership with Silverfort, an Israeli-built company founded by three former Israel Defence Force veterans of the 8200 elite cyber unit. Silverfort’s ability to deploy MFA rapidly in hard-to-implement places and a solid understanding of the South African market fitted perfectly into the identity of Nclose while also solving a necessary problem.

“It’s not often we come across technology that solves a problem as easy as Silverfort does, especially a problem many of our clients are having,” Stephen Osler, Co-founder and Business Development Director, Nclose. “Silverfort extends agentless Multi-Factor Authentication to places that were not possible before, such as your SSH, RDP, VPN, admin access tools and legacy applications, etc., which is phenomenal for us and our clients that need MFA enforced through active directory where needed. We have already had numerous clients onboard with Silverfort in a very short time and their capabilities would be delivered by our already established Identity Management team. Silverfort also have a strong local presence and understanding of engaging with our clients, and their onboarding process is quick, efficient and effective,” adds Osler.

What can South African Businesses expect? Silverfort’s technology integrations enable organisations to seamlessly incorporate the capability to envisage, identify, thwart, and react to identity-based attacks within their existing technology frameworks. Partnering up with Nclose provides extended and supplemented engineering capabilities within its suite of Managed Security Services. Lastly, this partnership also solves a problem in the market of having an MFA tool that can be deployed to any sensitive resource in an organisation managed by an experienced and dedicated team.

“We’re excited to be working with the Nclose team to solve the key identity security challenges their clients are facing today. As the identity attack surface grows, it’s more important than ever that organisations can extend security controls across their entire environment to protect their critical assets and systems. A vital benefit to this is the level of visibility they can gain into their entire identity infrastructure, including highly targeted – and difficult to manage – non-human identities like service accounts. Our partnership with Nclose will bring us one step further to help organisations in South Africa overcome identity security challenges quickly and easily,” says Leslie Bois, VP Global Channels, Silverfort.


About Nclose

Nclose is supported by a team of 100+ engineers, business professionals and cyber security experts who work in a culture of openness and collaboration to ensure every client consistently receives excellent and effective cyber security services.

Our world-class Managed Security Services (MSS) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) become an extension of your cyber security capability, perfectly amalgamating with your organisation’s operations, culture and ability to give you a seamless cyber security experience unique to you.

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About Silverfort

Silverfort is the leader in Unified Identity Protection, enabling secure authentication and access across all corporate resources, both on-premises and in the cloud, to detect and stop identity-based attacks, including account takeover and ransomware spread.

Using patented technology, Silverfort enforces its protection as a layer on top of the customer’s existing IAM infrastructure without requiring modifications to endpoints, servers, or applications—a capability which is unmatched in the market. This includes resources that couldn’t be protected before, such as legacy applications, command-line interfaces, industrial systems, machine-to-machine access, and more.

Silverfort is trusted by hundreds of enterprise customers around the world, including Fortune 100 companies.

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