How good are your SOC detection capabilities?

Do you have sleepless nights wondering if your organisation’s security systems can detect the types of attacks that are prevalent today?

You likely have good reason. Despite every solution IT security teams and Security Operations Centres (SOCs) implement to mitigate risk for their organisations, attackers still manage to bypass their cyber defences.

Three reasons attackers still bypass cyber defences:

  1. Organisations may not be evolving their approach to defence fast enough;
  2. Organisations may be too dependent on vendor assurances that they cannot be compromised; or
  3. Organisations aren’t performing any sort of red teaming exercises to constantly test their cyber defences.

CIOs, CISOs and security managers typically have a nagging suspicion that their systems are vulnerable; but budget and resources aren’t always available to red team and run regular penetration tests. Many invest in managed SOC solutions to handle incident detection and response, where their perception is that their cyber defences are in order. But deep down they know there’s no sure way to tell how effectively security is being managed. Far too many organisations only discover their cyber security measures were not good enough post breach.

Free cyber defence assessment

With our Nview Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities, Nclose now offers free assessments to any IT security team losing sleep over hidden risk. Our team, including several former offensive engineers, have developed an assessment tool that simulates many techniques that attackers are using, but does not make use of malware, there by evading common detection methods. We’ll go under the radar – where today’s attackers work, to test your detection capabilities, and report back on the findings.

It’s a no-risk approach to getting a better night’s sleep. Click here to register your interest in a free assessment.

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