Does the MDR service offer Incident Response support capability?

Yes. What truly sets MDR apart is its strong focus on response: remote incident response forms part of every MDR service agreement, and leaves room for on-site incident response during times of crisis.

Is the MDR service monitored around the clock, 24/7 – 365?

Yes. MDR is a 24×7 – 365 detection and response service.

What technology does MDR support?

MDR supports over 100+ different technologies across 60+ different vendors.

Our infrastructure is hosted in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP etc), how will the MDR service work with this?

Nview has the capability to not only monitor your infrastructure in the cloud but also integrate with cloud providers directly to ingest telemetry. Should you be 100% cloud based we are also able to deploy our log collectors in the cloud as virtual appliances. We continue to develop integration methods and strive to keep up with the popular cloud providers in terms of log collection.

I need to mature our organisation’s cyber security maturity: which would be best to look at first, MDR, XDR or NDR?

The speed at which MDR is deployed provides the fastest return through increased visibility of your entire environment and increased detection ability of advanced threats.

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